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That safe place you go to get away from the perceived lunacy in the world.
I can't take this debate much longer, it's going to drive me into my safe haven.
by Zoltar Speaks! October 25, 2016
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The best bathroom in the office, one that isn't frequented very often, so you're free to do your nasty shitting in peace.
Where'd Jon go?

"off to his 2nd floor safe haven, he had general tso's chicken for lunch"
by Jon Himself July 01, 2003
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A Nebraska law that allows parents to legally get rid of their children at any point before the child in 19 years of age by dropping them off at a Nebraska Hospital.
If you don't shut your mouth I'm going to drive to Nebraska and Safe Haven your ass!
by Alfred Banesworth November 16, 2008
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