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Defintion: shitfaced & drunk. Often used by bitchie alcoholic girls in Nor Cal. Sometimes used in captions on myspace pictures.
Oh wow the sophomore girls were totaly shmunk- faced during 6th period, wow they really need to get a life.
by The REAL girls of LG June 28, 2006
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a group of young respectful men that like to tear shit up and make holiday get togethers, there is about 30 of them and they can never fit in a gm
"man those shmunks are so annoying"
by sethevans69 May 02, 2018
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1nasty pasty crap of any kind, 2texture of paste, 3or nasty pile of crap!
I got a bunch of shmunk in my butt I need a shower!
by Kasajoe May 09, 2018
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