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Pockets are when a girl's shorts are so short that all they is pockets;Doesn't offer any use other then pockets; Ass is half hanging out.
Oh great Susie has pockets on She looks like a slut when she wears them.
by Andrew412 May 07, 2015
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Modern Definition: The title of a popular Tabi Bonney song. To get "put in the pocket" is slang for having a good thing happen to you.

Traditional Definition: A shaped piece of fabric attached inside or outside a garment and forming a pouch used esp. for carrying small articles.
1. Put me in the pocket, pocket, Put me in the pocket, pocket, put me in the pocket.

2. I keep my keys in my right pocket.
by ducksoup October 17, 2006
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A blunt and/or blunt wrap. A pocket can be a marijuana-filled blunt, or just the wrap (or cigarillo) itself. The name is referenced to the wrap's "pocket-like holding ability". Generally, a common pocket is filled with a gram of delicious dro and smoked amongst a few friends.

The origin of the name pocket refers to the first lines of the song "The Good Times Are Killing Me" by Modest Mouse.
Modest Mouse #1: "Hey Man, can we smoke in here?"
Modest Mouse #2: "Ya, Erik's got those pockets."

"I will be over in twenty minutes with a gram of Sour D and a pocket."

"I'm going to Quik Trip to pick up a pocket"
by Bum Stick May 03, 2010
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Similar to a Groove The place in a piece of music where the beat sits to create groove. Without a pocket, there is no groove.
Wow, that drummer plays a big pocket

Don't break the pocket!
by Funkydrummah July 28, 2010
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In American football, the pocket refers to the horse-shoe shaped area formed by offensive lineman to protect the quarterback during a passing play. If the lineman do their job, the pocket will protect the QB long enough for him to find an open receiver and throw. If a defensive player penetrates the pocket too quickly, the QB will likely get sacked.
by cajunchick February 27, 2010
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A term used to reference shoplifting without sounding super suspicious.
Guy 1: Where did you get that expensive bottle of Patron?
Guy 2: I pocketed it from the liquor store.

Guy 1: I really want that chocolate bar but i'm broke.
Guy 2: Just pocket it, it's only 85 cents.
by illuminati666satan3edgy5u June 13, 2016
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a small cut off section in an article of clothing that people keep small objects in.

...what, you expected it to be about vaginas or something? sickos.
1. hold on, my cell phone is in my pocket.

2.who has so little of a life that they have to re-invent the word pocket?
by El Maduo September 01, 2004
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