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slang for cock,penis etc
I'm gunna stick my shmeet in Mrs.Swanson's huge ass
by mrs.swanson October 11, 2006
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A small penis or 'small meat', combining into shmeet.
Bro you got a shmeet?
Nah bro, I bet derek does though.
by UnShmeet January 19, 2016
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nerd, geek, "wanna-be", wanna-be Dope Person, someone trying too hard to be Cool, someone that wears pajamas with nikes, TAY ZONDAY,Someone that embarrasses themselves in public, someone that embarasses YOU in public, the list goes on....

A: Aye bruh you see that kid with his fake J's...

B: yeah i see him

A: watta shmeet


A: bro! you see tay zonday perform chocolate rain on the Tonight show??

B: yeah what about it

A: He looked like a straight up SHMEET!!!


A: Bro, the girl i liked caught me picking my nose

B: your a Shmeet for that one!!! shmeety ass nigga!
by mr.rager November 11, 2010
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Anything and everything you've every wanted something to be
I can't wait to rub it all over my shmeet
by shmeetrogers September 14, 2017
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