This word refers to marijuana; the herbal drug that is usually smoked.
As a noun- Ben always has good Shmeal to smoke.

As a verb- Ben and Jake Shmealed before practice yesterday.
by Rolfes21 December 12, 2010
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a racial slurr used to insult turkish people. It originated from a traditional turkish dish which was then insulted for its unappealing look.
look at that shmeal of crap
by Frankenstein hates turks April 26, 2009
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It means whatever you want it to mean, it helps in a roast session
Nigga thats why you smell like shmeal fuck outta here

Nigga who tryna smoke some sh meal

Shmeal gang

Pull up on your shmeal with a ski mask

Bro I crossed that lil niggas ankles I took his shmeals
by BootyGangDisciple March 20, 2018
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