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When you have absolutely nothing in common with someone that you have to say you have so much in common as a joke but deep inside it's not really a joke because you actually have absolutely zero in common and it actually hurts sometimes because you can't relate to anything with each other not even anything simple like food or video games or anything like that just absolutely nothing is similar between the two of you and you both know that but you still joke around about it and laugh at silly things together which is perfectly fine but you know it's peak when you point out the smallest thing you both like and act like it is something you have in common when in reality you are just being picky and trying to find something in common from any and every single atom in the universe but at the end of the day as long as you get along with each other there doesn't really have to be anything in common between the two of you.

And breathe. The GIF below signifies the amount of commonality between you two.
Me: *meets bud who I have nothing in common with*
Me: "Omg we have so much in common!!!!!!!!!"
by Lead Bud 123 June 5, 2021
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What ur mum says when ur being a good boy (no homo). Used only by the sweetest of mums.
Me: *gets seen by mum*
Mum: "OMG it's my sweet sweet angel boy!"
Me: "Okay"
by Lead Bud 123 May 6, 2021
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When you're tight with your buds...but just not too tight. Another way of saying "no homo". Used to signify a bud to bud connection without any silly goose nonsense.
Me: *talks to bud*
Silly Goose: "Awwwwwwww, you guys are so cute together!"
Bud: *looks for nearest trash can 🤮*
Bud: "We're just buds okay."
Me: "Yeah we're tight but not too tight. Tight like a thicc man's jeans."
Bud: "That's right, tell 'em G!"
Silly Goose: "You guuuyyyyysssss 😂😂."
by Lead Bud 123 May 25, 2021
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When Lead Bagger tells you you're a good boy, but you impress him so much that you become SUCH a good boy. Big difference btw.
Me: *does nothing*
Lead Bagger: *shakes head in amazement* "Oh SUCH a good boy!"
Me: "Thank you so much bud!"
by Lead Bud 123 June 6, 2021
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Also known as "Flexible Paste", it is something you put in your hair to get that lift a.k.a. them waves. Mainly used by Justin Bieber wannabees.

It is also part of one's daily beauty routine: Nails. Makeup. Sculpting paste. In that order.
*Chief walks in room*

Chief: "Ayo you all natural today?!"
Me: "Nah G I got my sculpting paste on."
Chief: "Ayyyyyyy, do the hair flip!"
Me: *does hair flip*
Me and Chief: "Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!"
by Lead Bud 123 May 10, 2021
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When you have to carry the lads everyday. Used to reduce back pain. Just equip it and carry to your heart's desire.

Make sure you know what you're dealing with, some lads require significantly more carrying. 2 year protection plan is highly recommended to repair damages. Comes with a free massage appointment and health insurance.
Pal: "Yo dawg did you do the lab? It's due tonight and I haven't even started 😩."
Dawg: *buys 'Saddle For Carrying (4 month durability)' from Amazon* "Just hop on already."
Pal: "I promise you no more carrying after this!"
Dawg: "Yeah yeah...lying ahh bih."

***10 seconds later***
Dawg: *breaks back from carrying too hard*
Dawg: "I'm calling my lawyers 😡. This is perjury 😡."
Pal: "You can't afford any."
Dawg: "Y u do dis :(."
by Lead Bud 123 May 25, 2021
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What Lead Bagger says to you...but only if you look like Ross from "Friends". An irreversible nickname.
Ross: "Sup bud."
Lead Bagger: "Sup Ross."

Ross: "Thanks bud."
Lead Bagger: "Ok Ross." *looks and smiles*
Ross: *laughs like a little girl*
by Lead Bud 123 June 5, 2021
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