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Former mayor of Cincinnati.
jerry springer enjoys eating tacos in his office.
by elBrendo August 09, 2006

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To get completelt shitfaced, and make a call to someone that you later regret, if you remember it.
Man last night i think i made a drunk call to my mom.
by elBrendo March 17, 2007

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when a nigga is witnesses something of importance and is asked on the news and he gets caught up and talks incoherently
black eye-witness man: man y`all shoulda see it man i was all ova there but da nigga holdin da gat be alll BA BA BANG
it was wild shit dere, know wat i sayin?
by elBrendo July 20, 2006

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The cold feeling one has for a second after an orgasm.
Man after me and Suzi were at it i got the shivers.
by ELBRENDO August 17, 2006

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Bart Simpson's not-so alter ego: his graffiti allias (where i got my nickname)
elBarto has stuck again!
by elBrendo September 08, 2006

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Another word for grass that hasnt been used since the 60s
Man i been smokin weed since it was called grass.
by ELBRENDO October 16, 2006

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Third highest quality of weed, behind dro and blueberry yum yum. Not for beginners.
Damn i need some chronic.
by ELBRENDO October 16, 2006

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