This has no definition, it just would be really funny in the urban dictionary mug sentence.
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by The man dan with a plan April 5, 2018
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I actually just did this for the mug ad at the bottom.
Buy and Shit-filled mug for your gay Jewish klansmen, Steven
by Communist Squidward March 17, 2020
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when bad events foment an unreasonably pessimestic view of life.
Life is a shit-filled twinkie and it's time to take another bite!
by donkeykongdick December 23, 2007
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When you are fucking a girl in the ass and are about to cum, you spin her around and shove your dick in her mouth.
Last nite my girl was extra freaky. I hen hooked her up with a cream filled shit sickle.
by Ron W. December 3, 2007
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