Person with no core beliefs or values, other than supporting institutional power. Prefers slogans & optics to actual policy.
"My rich neighbor just put a Ukraine flag in front of their house. What a shitlib!"
by jkd_dude April 20, 2023
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Portmanteau comprising the words “shit” and “lib.” Used in leftist political discourse as a perjorative, mocking the spinelessness, stupidly, hypocrisy, and willful ignorance of American liberals.
“Vote blue no matter who! You’re probably a russian bot trying to get Trump re-elected.”

“Nope, I’m just not a shitlib like you. Hit the phones.”
by Unapologetic Socialist September 9, 2020
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Shitlibs are self-serving rich elite politicians who are subscribers of neoliberal economics and governance. The support more deregulation for big business and corporations, but more regulation and inceased taxes for smaller businesses and workers. They support outsourcing, illegal immigrant labor, lower wages, more free trade and privatization (when it benefits them). They often lie about their support of egalitarian and socially liberal ideas but never really enact them. They are often side with tech and media corporations and receive donations from them regularly. They also support more war and interventionism abroad.
Most in the Democratic Party of the United States are full of self-serving shitlibs.
by DPST TMPST August 16, 2021
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You are a shitlib if you hate Republicans and are very satisfied with how the corrupt Democratic Party is performing, if you are financially stable enough to not care that the Democratic Party hasn't moved mountains to triple the minimum wage and reverse Reagan / Bush / Trump tax cuts for the rich AND THEN SOME and used that money to significantly help the working class... you're a shitlib.
Joe Biden and the Democrats are getting ready to force railroad unions to accept a shitty contract that gives them ZERO sick time and very little personal time but shitlib doesn't care, at least they aren't Trump and the Republicans and at least Democrats are telling people to be nice to the LGTBQ community.
by fuckyoupayme! November 28, 2022
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A derogatory term used to describe left-wingers that are seen as mainstream and unoriginal in their thinking, repeating the mantras of the media and the intellectual elites in a manner that is perceived as unreflective, unintellgent, and/or self-serving.

Originally a term coined by the dissident right in 2016, it has been picked up and attained wide usage among the dissident left since 2020.
Sally: I'm glad they banned Jason from Twitter for spreading disinformation. I've heard he's compromised to Russia!
David: You've been watching too much Rachel Maddow and it's turned you into an unbearable shitlib.
by Anthix May 4, 2021
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Someone who identifies as progressive and parrots meaningless and inconsequential identity politics, but is economically very firmly right wing. Shitlibs believe that the mainstream media is infallible, that large internet corporations shouldn't be subject to any restrictions by the government, that putting issues like labor rights, the cost of living, and healthcare over racism and sexism in terms of priorities is dangerous, that Joe Biden is beneficial to the working classes, and that the American democratic party is a beacon of goodness and morality. If you point out that none of those views are progressive, left wing, or just plain true in any way, shitlibs will tell you that you're a right winger and/or a Russian agent. Shitlibs are essentially exceptionally committed neolibs.
A shitlib is basically a conservative who likes dressing up his/her/their conservative politics with nonsensical liberal-sounding buzzwords.
by RandomAnonymouseUD February 17, 2023
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privileged, "performative- progressive", well-off class-snob who isn't ideologically integral enough to be a full on commie POS because communism would take away their subaru and condo and make them work in a hammer factory with the deplorables they consider their moral and intellectual inferiors.
Shitlibs and Civil Serpents need to become better acquainted with lampposts.
by Evan Balgord March 10, 2022
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