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Sadly what the media labels innocent libertarians/conservatives online to silence them. Our times are regressing to new forms of unjustified persecution never seen before. Wake up folks. The great culling online has begun. Who's going to stand up to the media and silicon valley regime?
Reporter walks up to old lady conservative.... 'Did you know you are a Russian bot"

Lady: no I am not.

Reporter: but it shows on your Facebook that you support the 2nd amendment and have a distrust in the media as well as believe in small government.

Lady: excuse me? Are trying to false label me into silence?

Reporter: well the Russians control your Facebook page and we believe you colluded with them.

Lady: my family fought for free speech. Let's have a war with YOU the media and companies silencing conservatives.
by NOT GOING TO TAKE IT May 07, 2018
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An excuse for leftists and never-Trumpers that don't agree with what Trump supporters/Right-Wingers say online, can't come up with anything factual, or have a good counter-argument.

Also can be used for trolling reasons.
*Commenting on a YouTube video*
User Comment: Look at all these Russian bots trying to defend Drumpf.
by TT_Raven March 15, 2018
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