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RDN was voiced by Bill Maher on Real Time (5/21/10). Synonymous with PDN (see PDN - Proctologically Derived Number; previously posted to Urban Dictionary); numbers, statistics, budgets, etc. derived from and consisting solely of voluminous fecal accumulation, frequently embellished with politics.
The Catholic Church's tally of child sexual abuse cases committed by its clergy is a constipated RDN (Rectally Derived Statistics).
by hydrogeo May 22, 2010
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To do something cheaply; cuttin' corners; quick & dirty fix; improvised repair w/ only the materials at hand
Fixing the Hubble Telescope w/ duct-tape 'n bailin' wire. The Bush administration's cure for underfunded & dysfunctional government social programs
by hydrogeo April 1, 2004
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PDN = Proctologically Derived Number. An obscure mathematical classification for almost all numbers, including dollar amounts, presented to the public by governmental entities, politicians, pork-barrel government contractors, and other self-righteous prevaricators, with the sincere claim that the number is totally based on sound science, fiscal integrity, and the public's best interest. PDNs are typically presented as having at least an order of magnitude higher accuracy and reliability than the more commonly used WAG (Wild Ass Guess) classification of numbers. A sub-classification of PDNs is the LBSPDN (Loose Bowel Syndrome PDN), typified by numbers presented in such a manner or quantity as to inundate the public, leaving them flush with bewilderment.
The proposed Federal budget presented by the Bush Administration to the Congress, and the American people, is a fathomless melange of obfuscated PDNs.
by hydrogeo February 24, 2007
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Budgets, statistics, and other numbers promulgated by government entities are largely PDNs. Best wiped away and flushed!
by hydrogeo November 28, 2020
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I feel much better after my BLM!
by hydrogeo January 31, 2021
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70's - 80's slang for cowboy, cowboy "wanna' be", or urban cowboy (wouldn't know what to do w/ the bull if/when he ever got it by the horns!)
Them shitkickers probably never done broke more sweat than trying the Texas 2-step or line dancing down at the Broken Spoke. Give real cowboys a bad name!
by hydrogeo December 27, 2005
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Urban sprawl in the bad sense. Badly managed and poorly planned urban growth that adversely impacts the environmental and natural aesthetics. Greedy developers, spinless local government, and clueless/careless citizens foster urban drool.
The Hill Country's once scenic green vistas are being increasingly assaulted and eroded by Austin's URBAN DROOL.
by hydrogeo July 3, 2005
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