explitive; explaining great frustration or fright
As Dan was smoking a fat marijuana joint he quickly saw his father enter his house and exclaimed "oh, shitballs".
by cliff December 7, 2002
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An exlamation one cries out when they REALLY screw up.
On the way back home from the grocery store, Betty looked in the backseat of her car and realized she had left her four-year-old son in the carraige... way back at the store.

"Oh, shitballs!" She cried.
by Lisa V June 3, 2005
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An overwhelming feeling above any others you may have previously experienced
Holy Shitballs!!!! I got free tickets to go see slayer live in concert!!!!!!!
by Thrash Is Back February 18, 2008
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brown nipples on an hispanic/african woman...typically referred to as shitballs, or a white woman who sunbathes naked and burns her nipples to a crisp brown, hence the name shitballs
My girlfriend has shitballs the size of whoppers!
by Don Vito B. July 28, 2006
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Shitballs is a word for an attention whoring idiot. It will constantly do its best to prove its gender on the internet, without actually providing proof. A shitballs is very likely to be found in chatrooms, linking her facebook pictures, and poorly attempting to troll users of actual worth.
"Shitballs laughed and posted her kawaii cat picture to the chatroom. Ah! My cleavage is showing! Don't hit on me, silly boys!"

"You want me to show you tits?! I can't do that, I must stay a perfectly pure virgin forever! ..... add my skype teehee!"

"Ugh, that bitch is totally shitballing. She should man up and post tits if that's the only use she has."
by Babbytube August 23, 2012
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A man who likes to have anal sex with someone who has to drop a big log. This usually ends up with the cock and balls coated in shit. Dont try this on your parents bed kiddies.
I was shitballing my girl's anus on my parents bed and got feces all over the sheets. I didnt know she had a hot turd in the chamber when I started probing her with my fuckstick.
by Dick driller January 7, 2009
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