One who's last name starts with Strux and end in ness...
Struxness is a total shitbag!!!!
by Sammy August 12, 2003
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Someone whos general apperance or actions are subpair or lacking any initiative improve.
shitbag or shitbags commonly used in military to describe others that are unsatisfactory. That guy is a fucking shitbag; he is always sitting around.
by craigizzla February 18, 2006
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a term used for an indiviual, who is lacking any common sense or basic skill to perform even the easiest and simplest tasks. OR someone who cuts corners and often looks for the easiest way out. this indiviual is not trust worthy or dependable for anything even of the littlest importance. someone with no backbone and no balls. A term used mostly in the military.
Dont trust him with anything he is a shitbag.

I heard Pvt Shmuckatelli fucked up again, what a shitbag.

Have u seen the new kid who is tryin out for the football team, no way will he make it, he is a shitbag.
by PfC chefitz as per GySgt Ali February 19, 2009
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Shitbag/ unreliable shifty unhelpful sly thinks of him her self only
Hey charles hows that shitbag todd couldnt stay back and help us for 10 minute's «what a shitbag «
by Massapeal July 25, 2018
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A person that is a walking, talking, breathing pile of Shit and utters nothing but wack shit over and over again.
Fred was talking about some nerd gaming crap again while pretending to be Goth or whatever the fuck it's called. What a Shitbag.
by _ June 4, 2003
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When you take a shit in a bag then throw the bag at someone
When you are at a music festival and the performance is displeasing.

Mike "Have you still got that shit bag"
Sally "No, I chucked it at Gorillaz"
Mike "Nice, was it a direct hit?"
Sally "Yeh it was a perfect shitbagging, exploded on impact!"
by Tamek Iller July 3, 2010
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