A person who is full of shit mentally and physically.
When a person is acting like a complete idiot you want to knock the shit out of them like a bag of shit.
Hansel is a real ShitBag, look at how he is acting. That ShitBag should have is ass removed.
by KylinHuxley August 24, 2005
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Drunk, enibriated off of alcohol
Damn man, I'm shitbagged!
by Otto November 3, 2003
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A useless apprentice and or foreman that doesn't know shit from clay about the job that he or she is doing!!!!
Tim aka Botski
Moustafa the terrorist
Daniel aka Brazza
Or all better known as SHITBAGS...
And any other useless apprentice/foreman
by GOD of GODS November 4, 2006
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Baggy cotton joggin' pants that hang extremely low on gangsta rappers and wiggers. Usually worn with Beige Timberland boots and one pant leg pulled up to the knee. They have the appearance of something a horse might wear in the city.
"Look at those Shitbags...!!"
by pierogiking November 16, 2007
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1. Any one person who lacks the effort, common sense, or skill to accomplish that which is the most basic task.
2. A lazy individual who refuses to move from their current location to finish a task
3. Private First Class Davis
4. Private First Class Johnson
Johnson- "Hey, did you order the pizza?"
Davis- "Well I tried, but I just stayed on hold...."
Johnson- "You shitbag...."


Davis- "Hey, do you wanna come down to the Troop Store with us to get some chow?"
Johnson- "No, I'm laying down..."
Davis- "You shitbag...."
by Renegadeangel92 July 16, 2011
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Dude: "Ewww!, What the fuck?!?! It smells like a shitbag in here!"
by PrinceT August 2, 2009
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