As the name suggests, a 'shit bag' is simply a bag filled with shit. Alternatively, Wikipedia states that a 'shit bag' is a colostomy bag, but each to their own.
"Shit bags are air and water tight and allow the wearer to lead an active, normal lifestyle that can include all forms of sports and recreation." - Wikipedia on the shit bag.
by Criminal Activist October 24, 2007
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An individual who smells like hot garbage, bathes in his or her own urine & lives under a freeway overpass; A subject who is usually addicted to one or more drugs. A derogitory comment usually aimed @ transients, crackheads, or asshole buddies.
Thanks for drinking the last beer, you shit bag.
by SUX2BU October 16, 2003
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A person that is a walking, talking, breathing pile of Shit and utters nothing but wack shit over and over again.
Fred was talking about some nerd gaming crap again while pretending to be Goth or whatever the fuck it's called. What a Shitbag.
by _ June 03, 2003
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A shit bag is a bag full of poop usaly used to hold dog after is doen pooping
Why do you have a shit bag in your hand
by Game mode 0 September 13, 2016
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: a phrase pertaining to a group of individuals with an inflated view of self worth. Usually found driving an expensive two-door with either a cell-phone or bluetooth earpiece to thier ear going way too slow in the fast lane. They can also be found without a cell-phone or bluetooth going about 90mph (anywhere) and honking at your grandma if she get in his way.
"hey, put the fucking phone down and push the little pedal on the right you fucking Shit Bag"!
by strongdynamics January 26, 2008
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