Mom: Did you do a massive shit?
Jimmy: No, I did a massive shitbag
by helloworldofsomewhat September 1, 2018
1. A person who lies so much shit comes out of his mouth when he talks
2. A guy who cheats on his pregnant wife
That Steve is a total fucking shitbag dirtwad
by Bfruz32 February 9, 2015
1. A colostomy bag.
2. A container into which one defecates into.
1. Watch out for grandpa's shitbag when you go to hug him!
2. No I can't pull over.. Use a shitbag!
by FKR February 25, 2003
A person who is disrespectful to you or others around him or herself.
by Mikk Mofo January 29, 2003
Used in the context of playing Fifa football game. The term given when a player chooses to pass the ball across the field of play to score a goal rather than take a shot at goal.
That goal Callum Moffat just scored was an absolute shitbag goal.

Your such a shit bag Callum for playing that shitbag goal
by enemynumber1 April 30, 2012
Trailer trash that sits around all day experimenting with drugs.
Wow, Shitbag is doing drugs, what a surprise.
by DM, CF November 12, 2005