useless people who don't work
A shit bag is a person like bill clinton and somelians and people who don't work for a living. Get off your fuckin asses and stop taking our fucking tax money. we bust our butts to give useless people our tax money. It needs to end and to end it is get up and find a job.
by enemies March 03, 2005
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A bag full of the shits, usually put on a porch and set on fire before ringing the bell and running away.
I put a shit bag on my neighabor's porch.
by HDR February 04, 2004
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one who cannot repay debts, bills, favors, etc.
"That shitbag over there still owes my ass 100 bucks."

"I helped that shitbag out, and now I cant even get a hello?"
by a bill collector September 30, 2003
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A bag full of shit that maranates in the sun for hours and hours waiting for someone to throw it at another stupid human being.
"Hey dude lets get the shit bag and throw it at mr simmons!" "Fuck yes man!"
by Stoner from Hell March 12, 2005
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Mom: Did you do a massive shit?
Jimmy: No, I did a massive shitbag
by helloworldofsomewhat September 01, 2018
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1. A person who lies so much shit comes out of his mouth when he talks
2. A guy who cheats on his pregnant wife
That Steve is a total fucking shitbag dirtwad
by Bfruz32 February 09, 2015
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When you throw a bag of steaming hot shit at your fucking bitchy Karen neighbor
Karen-I'm calling the police
You-Fuck you Karen take this (throws shit bag at neighbor)
Karen-What the fuck did you throw dog shit at me you don't have a dog

You-That's not dog shit that's my shit you whore
by Y0ungDaggerDick September 11, 2020
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