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A late 80's and early 90's dance craze "movement". Still strongly practiced by some hardcore Surrey activists. The move was adopted and adapted from US films such as Kid n Play's "House Party" and MC Hammers ridiculous "Zoot suit" "Cant Touch This" manouveres...

The dance resembles someone "sliding" themselves though some "shit" ..
The dance has gained further recognition in 2010 by appearing on ceramic mugs sold in department stores as a "Teach yourself the running man" Xmas present. Bringing injuries to a few old timers who still think that can "Do the shit slide"
Look at that bad boy cutting them shapes. He's doing the "Shit Slide"
by Malcom shiddyarse January 08, 2010
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The result of clumsily nudging an awkwardly balanced mess, causing a cascading landslide of shit.
f#%k.. noo... shitslide!
by Bitplane April 19, 2004
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The part between the colon and the ass hole.
I feel a turd coming down the shit slide, wheres the nearest bathroom
by Dark_FuG September 14, 2010
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When you're doing something normal and all of a sudden you have to shit really bad. It has the sensation of shit sliding through the rectum.
I was dating Cindy and I had to run to the bathroom because of a Shit Slide.

I failed my driver's test because I had to run out of the car due to a Shit Slide.
by Oh my God, they Killed Kenny! October 13, 2016
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