A late 80's and early 90's dance craze "movement". Still strongly practiced by some hardcore Surrey activists. The move was adopted and adapted from US films such as Kid n Play's "House Party" and MC Hammers ridiculous "Zoot suit" "Cant Touch This" manouveres...

The dance resembles someone "sliding" themselves though some "shit" ..
The dance has gained further recognition in 2010 by appearing on ceramic mugs sold in department stores as a "Teach yourself the running man" Xmas present. Bringing injuries to a few old timers who still think that can "Do the shit slide"
Look at that bad boy cutting them shapes. He's doing the "Shit Slide"
by Malcom shiddyarse January 8, 2010
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where u find a tall grassy hill, pull ur pants down and slide down the hill on ur ass taking a shit while sliding leaving a large shit stain on the side of the hill.
dude i was shit sliding so bad yesterday my ass has grass stains on it
by thecrue August 10, 2011
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The part between the colon and the ass hole.
I feel a turd coming down the shit slide, wheres the nearest bathroom
by Dark_FuG September 15, 2010
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When something goes so horribly wrong, that you feel like your being dragged through a slip and slide covered in a Japanese woman's diarrhoea
When those girls kept laughing at me, it felt like a Kabuki Shit-slide
by SPART323 March 30, 2020
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using ones backyard slip in slide, for a shitty slippin ass slammin good time!
when yer all horned up an run outta sexual ideas....the slippery shit slide slammer can be an excellent party saver! ex: bruce and beatrice were so sexually bored bruce went out in the backyard and performed the ol' slippery shit slide slammer......he positioned beatrice doggy style at the end of his slip n slide naked.....using corn oil.. oiled up her shit pipe...next bruce with boner erect ...ran as fast as he could landing on the slip in slide knees first..zooming down the slip n slide (takes perfect balance) on knees, boner erect just about to make contact he thrust hips forward...(takes great timing and aiming)..Jamming erect boner in her shit pipe......IF DONE CORRECTLY WOMAN SHOULD IMMEDIATLEY HAVE ORGASM....along with sore asshole....
by gillieman69 December 10, 2009
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When a guy shits on a girls back, and uses said shit as lube. The guy then gets a running start, dives onto the girls back and slides up the back, like a slip and slide.
Hey yo girl, lay down so I can pull off a shit and slide right quick.
by J dawg silvah September 22, 2007
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