To suddenly have one's job position terminated. See Dead Like Me, Adaired and Devil's Spawn.
"You're shitcanning me, just like that?"

"For what he did to Dead Like Me, Showtime should consider shitcanning Robert Greenblatt."
by Mason December 30, 2004
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1) Noun: Navy slang (still in use) for any kind of waste receptacle.
2) Verb: Also Navy slang to dispose of anything, including figuratively (e.g. ideas, positions, persons, etc.).

Remark: Closely related to (Navy slang) "chit can", the expression for "shit can" when vulgarity might constitute a risk, z.B. in the presence of senior commissioned officers, a "chit" being any kind of form, stub, written request or permission, etc.
1) Don't throw lit butts in the shit can, you fucking idiot !
2) They shitcanned him in a hurry after he pissed drunk in the Captain's front yard.

That idea got shitcanned long ago because it was too expensive.

Remark: The chit can was full of requests for leave, that got rejected.
by gradenigo September 04, 2013
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To try to minimize the negative outcome of a mistake by destroying or concealing evidence, by redirecting attention away from the error, or by ignoring criticism altogether.
The CEO signed a bad contract, and the shareholders are mad as hell. Corporate communications is just gonna shit can it though, since the losses aren't that large.
by Arcadesj July 15, 2010
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the act of taking a dump in the nearest can
i had to shit so bad i did in that tin can. It was my shitcan
by Big monkey dick October 19, 2014
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Severely beating someone.
Mr. X is going to shitcan Mr. Y for stealing his girl.
by JMydlak February 11, 2005
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