When a man takes an old wooden ruler, and smacks his girl on the ass such that the protruding/indented inch marks on the ruler are imprinted to the girl's ass. Then the man measure's his cock on the ass imprint (before fucking the girl) while she looks in a mirror, so she can see exactly how much she's going to get and prepare accordingly.
Use in a sentence: She asked me how big I was and I replied, "bend over and I'll give you The Ruler."
by stikya July 25, 2011
Some kid who has too many rulers and everyone needs to borrow rulers from him in geometry class.
Kid: Yo can I borrow a ruler?
Ruler of the rulers: Sure y not lmao.
by ReeeeeMeister666Except420 November 2, 2018
That old bitch from the new Halloween movie has a ruler in every scene
by Cluis6714 October 15, 2018
“Josh I used the ruler and found out my penis is 18 inches
by Fuenghy July 29, 2019
A stick with line and numbers, used to measure items' lengths.
Dad: Get the ruler.
Kid: Ok.
Dad: Ok, so this is... 4 in. by 5 in.
Kid: I got the remote!
Dad: Lets see if this boat works!
Both: It works!
by T.N.T.BOOM! January 24, 2022
A foreign object one sticks up anothers ass when he/she is mad. Also used for measurement in few cases.
Don't make me get the ruler!
by Mr_Chuckles July 31, 2003