The phenomenon which occurs when a woman shits on a mans dick during anal and then wipes it off with her fingers to try and mask the embarrassment.
Lauren did a shinus on me last night. She's such a poo-nugget.
by shittyass123 May 13, 2014
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A little person who lives in Alaysia that plays crack croquet.
Fred said to Jim the shinus are the greatest race in the world. I agree replied said Jim.
by Oggy and Martyn April 21, 2004
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Shinu means “die” or “die Happy” :) lets die happy at the end ♥️
Die Happy means Shinu in Japanese 😊

$hinuGang 💀♥️
Danny said “Exactly man, we live in a shit world but I'm pretty sure we can try to die happy af

“I think we should all shinue together” -ashley
by Ashy arms November 07, 2017
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