An App for young people, typically 12-16, to meet up and talk about their fandoms. Every fandom has its own little section in the app, each being considered its own separate amino or “community”. You can be in multiple communities at once but if you gain followers in one community, those followers don’t carry over to other communities.

While mostly innocent in nature, it is possible to find some gross aminos such as the Fontcest amino or all the Fetish aminos. Most of the leaders in communities, even big ones, are irresponsible and simply bad at their job.
Person A: Hey, I noticed you left the undertale amino. Why?
Person B: Oh, all the leaders just kinda dipped and the whole community got messy and toxic, so I left.
by NotroLPS April 26, 2020
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An app for thirsty fans to chat with other thirsty fans for their fandoms.
"Hey! Did you download the Marvel Amino app?"

"Hell yeah! I love Marvel!"
by INeedCoffee April 11, 2018
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An app where fans with a sick fixation to a fandom can meet others who share the same obsessive tendencies over said fandom. It displays roleplaying, thirsty 12 year olds, and shitposting. It's practically a sanctuary for social outcasts alike.
Joe: Hey man, are you on Amino?
John: The shit is that?
Joe: It's a super cool app where you can roleplay with others and blog about a bunch of worthless crap!
John: This is what happens when I'm your only friend, Joe.
by Croconaww November 16, 2018
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A wonderful app full of fun little cults to join. You can chat with your cult members and share your thoughts about your Cult's fandom.

A cult from the app called Amino.
"I got a wonderful app called Amino. I joined the harry Potter amino. "
by AnnoyingWolfPup December 7, 2018
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Reddit for toxic little kids.
Person A: "Do you have Amino?"
Person B: "Ew, no, Amino sucks."
by wetdiarrhoeapoop August 11, 2021
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A random app that is full of LGBTQ+ And Weeb 5 year olds that want to role play with you.
That One Friend: Hey do you have Amino?
You: Nah man that’s Trash
by ThisIsBigBrainTime July 22, 2019
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Amino is a app on IOS & android for people.
I’m useing amino.
by Blakes bad teeth September 8, 2018
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