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The alternate version of how your life is playing out. The negative to the positive.
When Machlis regresses each of them they find that though the mirror
image world may look the same on the surface, it is bubbling underneath
with malevolence and the very darkest of desires. Both Neil and Heather
soon become addicted to the danger and uninhibited nature of
the parallel and it rapidly takes its toll on them. We see the pivotal
moments of their romance played out in the parallel with very different and
very chilling outcomes.
by Launceston Elliot February 20, 2015
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Parallel line:

by ArmoForEVA February 22, 2005
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a chick with no tits or booty, thus if checked out from the side, you can draw two lines that don't intersect at any point prior or any point in the future.
Damn that chick got no tits or ass! That chick be parallel.
by larry January 01, 2004
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