Two separate scenarios with the same line, act, meaning, etc. Often seen in tv shows like Andi Mack.
Andi Mack stan: did you know that Buffy carries Cyrus once every season in Andi Mack?
Broski 1: no way! Dang, the writers sure do love writing parallels in this show
by bigyeeterz July 27, 2019
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The alternate version of how your life is playing out. The negative to the positive.
When Machlis regresses each of them they find that though the mirror
image world may look the same on the surface, it is bubbling underneath
with malevolence and the very darkest of desires. Both Neil and Heather
soon become addicted to the danger and uninhibited nature of
the parallel and it rapidly takes its toll on them. We see the pivotal
moments of their romance played out in the parallel with very different and
very chilling outcomes.
by Launceston Elliot February 20, 2015
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One kick-ass fortnite team that hits the most insane shots in Fortnite.
Man, I wish I could join Parallel.
by flexdpsd June 27, 2019
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Parallel line:

by ArmoForEVA February 22, 2005
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1.(noun) The field between two lines that are parallel.
2.(noun) The activity within the field between two parallel lines.
1. The parallelity of our lives made contact between us impossible.
2. The parallelity of their ambition made them competitors.
by Julian Steptoe November 5, 2007
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The ability of an object to be parallel with another
I need to check the parallelability of those boxes
by Rumpleinkskin June 17, 2017
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If something has a parallel, it is similar to something else, but exists or happens in a different place or at a different time.

A person or thing that corresponds to or has the same function as another person or thing in a different place or situation.
Before, a guy named Taufiq was standing on top of the shoulder of a strong giant ape, but now, he is shrunk down to a tiny size and is standing on top of the shoulder of a strong female rock climber. I can see the parallels.

Alex Puccio, a very strong female rock climber with a ripped body has a tiny shrunken Taufiq standing on her shoulder, whereas before, it was King Kong who has Taufiq standing on his shoulder. Oh the parallels...
by Shrunken Taufiq June 29, 2022
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