2 definitions by ginger gurl

what irish people call snogging or making out

a fridget has never had the shift
i got the shift last night

he got shifted at school

she has never had the shift

by ginger gurl February 26, 2013
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Gingers are not evil...as being a ginger myself, i have red hair, freckles, and pale skin... im dont worship the devil and, as most people think, sometimes we are the spawn of Satan. we are regular people and we enjoy having fun just like everyone else... stop making fun of gingers because we can make stupid comments about your hair color too... we dont like it, but we find it amusing, that you all flatter yourself with talking about us and we really think ya'll need to get a life... we can reproduce with another redhead and we like being redheads... we wouldnt have it any other way... call us gingers and we will laugh in your face... have fun bc once you go ginger you never go back and we like it like that... GINGERS RULE!!!!!!!!!!
Ginger's will rule the world one day!!!
by ginger gurl March 4, 2008
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