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Short for shenanigans, meaning "bullshit". particularly popular on certain internet forums.
post: hey this is my girlfriend img of girl

reply: shens
by BBnet3000 December 13, 2003
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β€œShen” is Latin for an annoying white girls who used used to be part of a group called β€œhens” but placed an S in front of it as they see themselves as superior to everyone else.
I’m better than all of you plebs, I’m a shen
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by Xxx mlg xxx swag scoped xxx October 12, 2017
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Invented by the good folks at

Root word: Shenanagens.
noob:DUDE! Theres a girl sleeping in my bed!

Me: I call shens!
by Andrew April 13, 2004
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He's Asian, but not fat at all. He doesn't roll to class, but instead rolls with the cool kids. He's really insightful, a great friend, and gets a kick out of debating. He doesn't know how to barbecue.
Shen comes from Texas but doesn't know how to barbecue.
by frenchfryfrog52 September 09, 2011
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General shenanigans; the result of shenanigans and other shenanigan-like activites
Charlie: I heard your mom found out about the teepeeing

Mikey: Yeah she was not ecstatic about those shens
by Adventure Lad September 06, 2009
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an exhilirating remark most often used to describe a stinky chinese man (sometimes woman) commonly used in the north west america.
oh man, it's shen! / oh dear... it's shen! / oh my lord, it's shen!
by dope April 19, 2005
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