A contraction of the phrase "General Mayhem"; an on-line spinoff forum which is the home of many of the Internet's most creative and unique personalities. GenMay is another contraction used to describe the forum, which is based on Jelsoft Enterprises' vBulletin 3 forum software.

The forum mascot is a creature called a bunchie, which is a green llama-like creature that closely resembles a phallus, or pen0s, as that object is referred to by the denizens of GenMay. Other forum mascots include a bipedal badger and a creature named Varg.

The forum is a very high-level place that should not be entered by a n00b, and even seasoned Internet (or intarweb, as a GenMay'er would call it) forum dwellers will have a hard time becoming part of the GenMay community. A favorite insult bestowed upon people who have recently registered is to refer to them by the thousands digit of their vBulletin User ID. Therefore, if a n00b who had just registered had a UID of 15104, the insult levied at him (or her) for any reason would be "15k." Insults are usually levied in a six-digit range; the lowest insult used at the time of this writing is "10k".

One of the most interesting activities associated with the GenMay is the GenMay Meet, where forum members meet face to face at an agreed-upon location to socialize and have fun.

The slogan of the forum is: "The Internet is Serious Business."
GenMay is a place for serious intarweb business.
by Bradley Chapman December 25, 2003
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home of intarweb drama, 20 page long threads about imaginary cars, and Varg.
see also: pen0s
I <3 genmay! I even posted once! They flamed me. Then I cried.
by .thieved April 21, 2003
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A forum started by members after the deletion of the original "General Mayhem" from www.hardocp.com by Kyle "FrgMstr" Bennett a.k.a Kyle "Bannit"

With the exception of banned members who join SA to whine about GenMay, most GenMay members don't care about SA and their "superiority complex". (I doubt most SA members actually care about GenMay either but I don't know for sure).

While content does sometimes get recycled (hey it's the internet), new content is sometimes created at GenMay as well (i.e. Bunchies)
Spam spam spam spam...
by . December 8, 2003
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Internet Forum where it is possible to waste any time you might have alotted for more important thing. Posting from work or while homeworks needs to be done is frequent. People have been fired as a direct result of GenMay.
I spent 140 hours on GenMay last week. I think I'm getting scurvy.
by Jonny_B May 9, 2003
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Short for 'General Mayhem'

The internet home of more :shens:, :pics:, and :cran: than any one person should ever be exposed to.
This is an example of genmay being used in a sentence.
by Anonymous July 6, 2003
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Where all the serious intarwb business takes place.
DHITB, :pics:, 10k Desk, M3, for free, KITTAH!
by HydroSqueegee May 4, 2003
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aOLhater - "Genmay, The only place where you give guys pictures of hot women, and they start talking about pokemon"...
Mayhem - Consider yourself Warned.
by inc3pt July 23, 2003
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