A city in south yorkshire, The first official football team was made there and its main industry was Steel and a bit of coal mining, Maggie closed them all down and it became quiet poor, it is now under bid redevelopments. It has a huge multicultural community and a massive student population
Southerner: That cities dirty
Northerner:Stfu you rich tax evading prick.

Wednesday fan: WEDNESDAY FTW
*big fight*

Sheffield: big, better than leeds
Leeds:Big,better than sheffield
by sheffield citizen May 28, 2009
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glasgow boys say this instead of blade (knife) big ass butcher knife preferably so a sheffield is a knife
wheres the sheffield plug this fanny, take his eye out
by rangersfc1690 August 21, 2010
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A shitty little place Outside Rotherham,
can`t be missed because of the smell of pigshit and curry, if you stop at traffic lights you get your wheels nicked, if you ride a bike and signal to turn you get you watch nicked, if its night the only way to see people if they smile, and if god was born here....well musta dropped down the shitter
the best thing about sheffield is the road out, dunt go there ya will regret every second
by Arcangel-mike July 25, 2008
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An out of work prostitute, usually seen hanging around theme bars looking for desperate punters.
"That sheffield was so desperate for some action that she even went for old man Keenan dressed in a hula skirt."
by Walkabout101 November 02, 2006
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