Ravishing Sweet Hot Endearing Energetic Talking All Love girl. Beautiful, Slim, Sexy, Sheetal is one of a species of the Homo Sapiens that can seduce men just by looking once.
She did a sheetal on me
Sheetal is sheetal does
He tried to work her, but she ain't no sheetal.
by SuryaS August 24, 2012
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one who stresses excessively and reacts to said stress by overworking herself and never sleeping. She's really nice and smart, though.
Man, I'm really worried about Sheetal. She's stressing way too much and never sleeps.
by soccerdude0013 October 23, 2011
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calm adn serene person...YEAH RIGHT...
onE cRAzY Girl..full of life, energy, and zest..and can plase aNY1...and a girl who loVessssssssss to TALK and Talk...and a Girl WHo sPeaks her mind and is always HErSelf!!!
Man: I want a Sheetal
Female: I want to be a Sheetal
by Sheetal December 28, 2004
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A word for a girl that's mad tall.
Like, MAD tall.

Sheetals roll up that haze like it's nothin'.
And alcohol? They bathe in that shit.
"She may never be on the Maybelline commercials,

but she'll always let you know when she got some purple."

Sheetals usually live in asylums.
And in their basements, they dissect rabbits.

They LOVE to argue too.
It's their second favorite thing to do, next to smoking.
But when they're really mad they can't back themselves up.
When they get pissed they get very violent, you can't control them.

Sheetals are usually really smart despite their addictions.
They're the best storytellers you'll ever meet.
And they're vegetarians; just don't get on their bad side, because they might decide to eat meat that day.

But one thing's for sure, if you're ever lucky, or unlucky enough, to meet a Sheetal in your life, hang on to her, because she's a friend you'll never want to lose♥
Rashad: Yo you see that girl over there?
Andy: The funny looking one?
Rashad: Nah not Lisa, the cute little one over there.
Andy: Little? GOD DAMN, SHEETAL!

A normal person is pissing a Sheetal off.
Sheetal: I WANT A TRUCK!
*5 minutes pass*
Person: Uh.. for what?
Person: Um.. ok.
by DruggedInAHole June 06, 2009
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She who will hangup on all the conversation in the middle and go off topic.
Basically every girl these days is becoming sheetal.
And specially you Sheetal.
by slurpyMonsterrr August 13, 2018
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