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What are youse doin tomorra?
by Dozlord98 February 11, 2020
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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plural for "you"
them : Us ?
me : you'se yes !

~ c'mon I can't be the only who uses this 😞
by AK-47 NIPPLES August 09, 2019
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Second Person Plural.
A grammatical necessity which is sadly lacking in the English Language.
French has "vous" (informal and formal)
and German has "ihr" (informal) and Sie (formal).

The southern USA version is "you all"
Youse are too many to all get into the one car.
by baligeko September 21, 2010
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(Australian) Of Bogan origins.
Plural of You. Referring to a more that one person. The pinnacle of ignorant grammar.

Non-bogans think this term is hilarious, especially when used by a bogan or by another non-bogan imitating a bogan.

Bogans can't spell this word, known variations are: Yous, You's (the reason for apostrophe usage is yet to be discovered depite teams of scholars devoting their efforts)
"what're youse guys doin' youse wanna get some beers of somethink?"
by Happelshmatz August 11, 2005
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Australian slang generally used to address more than one person. Arty farty and high brow types get annoyed when you use this word in their company.
When are youse guys coming over for a session
by Scoundrel July 13, 2004
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