A derogitory term for a supporter of Cardiff City, Swansea City or any other Welsh football team playing in the English league.
"Man, whenever the sheepshaggers come to town we always whoop their arses."
by Banginboy1728 May 13, 2010
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- What team do you support?
- benfica

- you're a sheepshagger?
-born and bred as one!
by Tugapower October 07, 2018
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Racist colloquial term used to describe Welshmen and Yorkshiremen who partake in the sexual activity of beastiality with sheep.
I think my husband is a sheepshagger

you sheepshagging Yorkshire bastards
by EmilyS19791979 January 21, 2017
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Someone who partakes in sexual activities with a particularly furry animal and typically lives in a remote part of the countryside
by Hagertaya December 29, 2020
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When you come home after a day of fucking your gay boyfriends arse and you shove your dick in your wife’s mouth.
His gay loves shit tasted like sheep’s poo sheepshaggers gold
by Bays lions April 25, 2021
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