when you mean to fart but you push so hard that you accidentally shit

word is a combination of “shit” and “fart”
“bro i let out a fat shart at the party yesterday and i had to leave”
by lil sharty January 29, 2021
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Nessa sharted all over josh's face -well that didn't age well if you don't know what happened so basically nessa got with jaden yupppp I know tbh mads and josh should get together anyways bye WAIT that is so toxic um bye!!
by zleiraz April 19, 2021
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When you shit and fart at the same time
Ben: "After eating too much Taco Bell and beans, I released the nastiest Shart EVER!"
Josh: "WOAH BRO, I have to do the same thing now!"
via giphy
by Accidental Arsonist June 13, 2021
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