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Popular parlor game enjoyed by tweakers and crack heads alike.(sometimes known as carpet farming)Whereas said tweaker..(with or without a flashlight) obsessively searches for a renegade piece of dope that may or may not exist.
The last time we invited him over he was shard farming for about 3 hours.
by Maak4060 May 10, 2016
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The act of digging in the carpet, usually by a tweaker, in search of small fragments of methamphetamine that were dropped. In most cases there is no methamphetamine found. A sure sign that this has occurred is nice, neat, little piles of trash several feet from one another on the carpet that have been raked up by the tweaker while on his or her conquest.
Carl, get out of the goddamn floor! Quit shard farming! You didn't drop any dope!
by Wurm82 November 30, 2018
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The act of searching the floor for stray pieces of methamphetamine, typically for an hour or longer. This is in part because it's almost always picking through carpet for near-shake. Never involves actual shards or fingers, despite the name, because larger pieces are so much more quickly and easily found.

The effects of meth leads tweakers to compulsively do this, enough that it is a strong indicator of being twacked -- or much less commonly spun out (the sleep deprivation-induced fatigue and the distractability caused by it typically prevent getting stuck for long).

Notably, no ice needs to have actually been dropped -- if they believe some may have been, that is often enough for the search to begin -- and the search will frequently continue whether everything has been found, there never was anything, or all that remains is particles that only a vacuum could extract from the fabric (the last will involve copious cursing and, if no one manages to redirect the seekers' attention, possibly lead to some expression of rage).
Man, he was so twacked last night; he was shard farming the whole time I was over there.

Hey, you remember when we spent like four hours shard farming in that hotel when you dropped the sack?
by thdckmnngg June 11, 2018
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