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the best girl in the world she is pretty smart and can take your boyfriend in a quick snap so please date a girl named shanya
i wish that i marry a shanya
by bonquesha62 March 03, 2017
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Depressed and Happy, different than other girls, normally loves music, always has her head phones on, good at English...she's very romantic, but also very cheeky, when need be, you'll love her because she can be honest...she can kick some ass verbally and physically, but she does get emotional at times, she gets along with boys more so than girls. She normally sings like no one is watching...She always falls for the eyes first...She deserves to have a respectful guy one to treat her right, and also has to be able to handle her..
"She's such a Shanya, look at her, she always has her headphones on, and I heard her English grade was outstanding! How does she do it!?!?"
by TheOwnerOfThisName June 22, 2012
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A girl who never ceases to make you laugh and join in with the fun. Known by everyone and loved by everyone. there is no end to happiness with her. May also be described as hyper, insane, or crazy. Causing trouble is her main hobby, and she always comes through with what she says. with a Shanya around, the fun is ever-lasting.
Person 1:Man I was so bored last night
Person 2: I wasn't
Person 1: what were you doing?
Person 2: I was hanging with Shanya
by smileandgetoverit December 31, 2012
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Crazy ass full of fun. Normally asian & attractive. Got some stuff that freaks always open for good times.
that was so shanya

that was not as fun as shanya last night
by melanie b. June 30, 2008
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She is a pretty girl with a big booty and a mean attitude but she is smart and intelligent too
Sally:I need help with my homework

Caleb:Ask Shanya

Sally:Ok thx
by Kaylee Picoc April 12, 2019
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She is the best girl you can ever have she is beautiful loyal smart. and can kick ass she will still your man in a second. she falls for the eyes first she is really crazy at times especially at night. if she has to be disrespectful she will she is a little sassy but the best bitch ever. she’s really shy but when you get to know her she’s not shy anymore. If she fells you don’t like her she will confront you about it.
Shanya is the best
by Slay alll dayyy April 26, 2019
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