being in an state of absolute confusion and stupidity
“hey did you see her face when her lunchbox blew up in her face?”

“she was in absolute shambles lol”
by Jongster August 27, 2021
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(Verb) When a person or group of people are in shambles and wallowing in self pity they are shambling (Sham-Bull-Ing).
(Past Tense) Shambled (Sham-Bull-D)
by Saku_ November 18, 2021
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Verb: To Urban Ramble whilst hungover.

See Also: Urban Ramble
I hate sambuca, I feel like absolute poo. Should we go for an Urban Shamble? There's a nice fountain I want to look at and say 'They should have that in Scunthorpe'.
by Co-Founder #SundayLunchClub January 28, 2011
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