A prodigiously inept individual, typically involved in the political domain. Just as God is omni-potent and 'all-powerful', such an incompetent is omni-shambolic and 'all-failing'. Coined by Malcolm Tucker, of 'The Thick of It' fame.
I was going to ask if you could help me with my science project, but then I remembered you were the omni-shambles so I asked my step-dad for some money so I could download it from the internet instead.
by FitzyG789 February 15, 2010
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The waddle one has after sleeping with their relative who likes to have anal sex
"When cousin Cletus left, my brother Bobby had the Southern Shambles"
by Dat Cassowary August 10, 2015
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Chuck Todd metaphor for American news
watching Sunday shows Lydia said “my god these news assholes are just so fucking terrible,” reacting to Chuck Todd not challenging a repub guest on Meet the Press. “Chuck’s gross Shamble Bangs is the perfect symbol of how fucking useless news is today.”
by Uncle Joosie January 10, 2022
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"Shambles Bingo" is a game played slightly like Jumangi, only replacing Robin Williams with Christian Bale, and the monkeys with drunken randys.

Where one lines up all that they've hooked up with and make an acronym using their first initials. Then a 3rd party observer will assign them a word, phrase, or gibberish. This word, phrase or gibberish will include all the people that they've hooked up with, with some extra letters. The 3rd party observer then will set a deadline. The person must meet the deadline by hooking up with the random letters and completing their bingo card.

A random person (who's name you never quite learn) is considered a blank space, or a blank tile. (like one you'd see in scrabble)

Q's, X's, and J's get extra points.
P - Patrick
A - Aaron
R - (whichever "R" you can find)
T - Terrence
Y - (whichever "Y" you can find)

"Did you know you only need an "R" and a "Y" to complete your shambles bingo card?!"

"Yeah I know, but I only have a month to complete it by deadline!"
by baishani December 1, 2009
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A shamble dick (also called Shambledick or Shamble-dick) is a pompous git with a superiority complex. He is very lazy, and gets others to do all his work for him. Shamble dicks get agitated at the slightest things and often lash out violently.

Rumour has it that the reason why the Shamble dick is very angry is because his sex life is ruined after his dick was left in a shambles at a young age after an incident involving a toaster.
Graham is such a Shamble dick.

I know, he always makes me do his work.

"Hey shamble dick, you suck!"

(Shambledick has a fit of rage)
by Nibeqwnzort January 20, 2006
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The second tier of organisational shambles caused by management failing to understand even the basics of how an office operates.

Unlike a simple shambles, it could be foreseen by any educated 10 year old.
Sending the member of staff who paid the accounts to work in another office resulted in neither the electricity or water bills being paid, instantly reducing the office to a complete shambles which was far worse than the shambles when only the water bill had been unpaid.
by MoLincs November 29, 2011
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The penultimate form of shambles (which could be foreseen by any five year old), caused by the ineptitude of so-called management failing to understand how the job is really done. Sacking all the administrative staff at once will result in an absolute shambles.
The management team thought it was an excellent idea to sack everyone in the administrative grade: "look how much money we will save, aren't we such clever boys and girls!"
The result was of course an absolute shambles because no real work could be done. It was a far bigger shambles than had been created in the past.
by MoLincs November 29, 2011
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