To get, or be drunk. Slang of possible Victorian origin.
Ah man, tonight we have to get totally organised, serious.

Last night I got so organised I tried to bake a cake when I got home, it didn't go well.
by Wally Norman January 21, 2009
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The proper (non-American) way to spell it.
The English like to organise things properly.
by Blah November 9, 2004
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Any event or activity organsied through work in which fun is encouraged but which is so lame it is impossible to enjoy yourself.
Team: Why are you coming to the team do at x?

Me: I hate organised fun!
by Business With Attitude September 1, 2008
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Now-defunct socialist newspaper (NOT an organisation) run during the 1980s by the Socialist Campaign for a Labour Victory (SCLV). Neither the paper nor SCLV exists at present, both having been dissolved in the late 80s.

This does not stop the rightwing in NUS treating Socialist Organiser (aka "S.O.") as the secret conspiracy behind every setback and every instance of opposition they face. The supposed organisation is supposed to have covert arrangements to produce such outcomes, and every left-leaning campaign, however broad-based, is accused of being a "front" for "S.O.". Basically, the NUS rightwing's pet version of Illuminati, cabal or ZOG.

Also known as 'the trots'.
Socialist Organiser was never what the NUS rightwing now claim it is, and in any case it's been defunct for 20 years. Get over it, you wankers!
by Andy April 20, 2004
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A regular party animal who can still get to work the next day and be functional as well! The worker who drinks a lot of alcohol and can still be normal at work the day after a party.
Girl: Still alive after last night's party? You're quite the organised alcoholic.
You: Work hard, play hard!!
by Drew's chew July 30, 2011
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Disorganised and corrupt... NOT clever
The Organised crime mastermind is in jail again.. because he is above the law ?

That's what He reckons.!!
But the
Crook Cops required
To evade the law

Must follow the law

To be above the law

For deluded crims


law breaking
NOT Best match
Opposites attract
JAIL ha ha
by TSARINA November 10, 2017
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something that will appear messy, all over the place and chaotic but the instigator of the mess still knows where everything is and can find anything without having to think about it
mum: your room is so untidy
john: no it isn't it's organised chaos
mum: ok where are your trainers?
john: there next to the bookshelf under my gym kit
by peter231 March 7, 2011
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