A man of low standards in reguards to sexual partners. A true Shagnasty will quite happily have sex with someone he finds physically repulsive. A shagnasty never admits to sleeping with ugly girls and to most people may seem completly celabet.
"you hear about john?"
"what happened..?"
"He got caught at the old peoples home trying to organise a geriactric orgy."
"lol, that guy's a shagnasty"
by Snowee February 12, 2008
Unpleasant, grimy, unhygeinic, generally undesirable. Can be used as a verb or an adjective.
Oi, Shagnasty.
You spunk swallowing shagnasty fuckpig.
by titwanker April 10, 2003
Usually used as a proper noun (someone's name) to show disdain, contempt. Also used in jest on acquaintances.
Hey Shagnasty! Get us a beer in, will you?
You shut yer fuckin' trap, Shagnasty!
by Ant August 8, 2003
A ball of dried shit tangled up in your ass hairs. Similar to dingleberry but a little nastier to say.
I would've ass-fucked her, but I saw a shagnasty and flipped her over instead.
by B-Man September 28, 2003
Like choad and taint, this word describes the wonderland between a person's genitalia and a-hole. "Shag," because it's hairy, and "nasty," because, well, look at it!
My shagnasty is itchy again. Can I borrow your fork?
by Just Joe September 8, 2003