to be very sneaky, suspect, or to have an all around backstabbing personality
Jocelyn or DJ is one shady individual, which is why she is called Shady C.
by ak3aeafdf May 30, 2014
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Shifty, sly, supicious, dark, low, low-profile.
The shady looking man slipped into the bar.
by Bastardized Bottomburp March 21, 2003
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That kid is shady = don't trust that kid with anything= he's/she's a sketchball
by da ill yaya September 15, 2005
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my boss fired me for something he knew i didn't do. that's shady.
by 524 September 14, 2003
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Something that is suspicious, questionable, unsafe, low quality;In regards to people its someone who doesnt keep it real, or acts mysteriously.
J-Red: Everything in the Quad City Mallards ice arena is shady.
Alex: I completely agree with you 100%!!!
by qwerty77 March 28, 2007
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A shady person is someone who does not keep it real; a person who hides out; a person who keeps things to themselves.
Damn girl I ain't seen you in forever. You are shady as hell

Quit being shady and let me hit!
by djlongdong April 12, 2004
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a fake ass person, one that doesnt come through with what he say he gonna do
That fool is shady,he said he gonna show up 30 minutes ago he aint gotta new benz, fake ass mutha.
by jigga.fromcali. May 18, 2003
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