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Noun: A SFW alternative for "shit show"

(1) A mess of events, details, or plans usually caused by trying to organize 6 or more people

(2) A tangled process, usually leading one to say to themselves "what a fucking shit show"

Synonyms: Shit show, cluster fuck, fiasco, debacle
We're trying to get 6 friends together for a weekend at the cabin. You know how much of a shabockle that can be.
by agroots January 06, 2014
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Noun: A trend, usually one pertaining to one person.
(1) A hobby or interest, typically subject to frequent change.

(2) A vice or pattern of behavior that is usually short lived.
Synonyms: Enterprise, Vice, Habit, hobby, etc.
My latest shabockle is collecting stamps or My latest shabockle is painting. It can also be used to define a habit or interest.
by Joshua Gerardi November 04, 2005
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