The sweetest, awesomest and most caring guy you'll ever meet. He never hesitates to tell you that you're beautiful, or to compliment you in any way. John Michael is always honest, and is the best listener. He has beautiful eyes and the cutest freckles. He's also the most attractive guy ever. I'm so lucky to have such an amazing best friend.
John Michaels make the best boyfriends.
by Habr December 14, 2013
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A pretty funny guy, superb music taste. Dry humored, thinks he is edgy but in reality he is actually just kinda insensitive .Always good to have one in your friend group, or just as a plus one.
"is that guy listening to Ballroom Blitz? What a John Michael!"
by coastruca March 19, 2018
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a guy with super cool jackets and lots of gum. He likes to reference the office and roast people. basically he is rUdE.
"John Michael was roasting me today and basically i was not having it"
by earl rosco February 21, 2019
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A big pile of garbage that loves guacamole and is engaged to someone way out of his league. He usually has the coolest brothers that are way more attractive and talented than he is and will forever be cooler than him.
John Michael is gay.
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A friendly, funny and a nice guy when he wants to be. Is secretly vulnerable and sensitive to those he feels comfortable with. He has nice fluffy hair most of the time,a great smile and handsome af .Attracts me and women.Is artistic,creative and not judgmental. Is an all around good person and friend of you’re lucky enough to know him Doesn’t tell how he feels but you can early tell by his facial expression.
Hey I’m hanging out with John-Michael today you should come hang out with us.
by Salty mama April 22, 2020
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A great looking dude, with unbelievably amazing athletic abilities. He is almost as close as it get to being superman. All the ladies can't get enough of him, and everything he does is done at perfection. He cant be stopped nor tamed. He is just that guy you wish you can become. But only John-Michael can become him.
Guy #1 : Hey, have you been watching that TV show with those relentless spartan warriors and their unruly leader?

Guy #2: Yeah I have! They're leader is definetly a John-Michael

Guy #1 : Yeah a John-Michael. Such a great guy.
by Thatguy4life November 4, 2018
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A medical Technologist who specializes in hematology. Can often be seen in the lab struggling to find the right field to view his differentials.
This microsope must be broken, john Michael must have used it last. Damn john Michael
by Path resident February 28, 2020
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