When a friend is so deep in a relationship he is considered to be "locked up"
Cris: "Yo why wasn't John Michael invited?"
Nick: "Cause he's probably out with Emily again."
Michael: "That man is in shackles."
by ChickenFDC February 17, 2018
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When a player executes great defense on an opponent, stopping them from having a good game!
Last night I had mike in "shackles"! He didn't score the whole game!!!
by Deeluxs1979 July 27, 2009
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The man with large balls, also known as the legend. Wears shackle earrings
"Do you know Shackles?" "No but I hear he has massive nuts"
by ThePowerRam July 7, 2022
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To be under the thumb or on a very short leash. A varient of being pussy whipped by your girlfriend.
Damo could not come out to play because his girlfriend had him shackled down tight
by DrainGus March 23, 2011
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Sarah took a flask with her to the office holiday party and proceeded to get shackled.
by Dex Dexter January 30, 2008
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shackle is a amazing unreal tournament player who often annhilates people and in return gets called a bot by others due to his amazing cache of skills.
An example of shackle would be aimbot
by Tranceut December 31, 2005
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To be barreled by a wave whilst surfing
Did you see Ray Finkle get Shackled by that left?
by LAcrasher00 December 28, 2009
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