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a combination of the words "sex" and "textualize," meaning to make innuendo out of any conversation or seeing the innuendo that another person missed; providing a sexual context of normally harmless phrases.
Guy: "Dude, one of the translations of my name is Broadsword. I want to try an make that my nickname!"
Girl: "Wow, might as well try and name yourself Big Dick."
Guy: "Oh yeah, thanks for the sexualization."
by BroadswordnWicked December 28, 2010
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The act of visualizing a sexual encounter to help pass the time using people and objects around you.
Mike: "how'd you make it through that 2 hour meeting?"
Kerry: "I practiced the art of sexualization using women in the meeting. First, Sherry from accounting was riding my cock on the conference table, loving it so much she was spreading her butt checks and starring at Lauren from finance. Then Jill from 2nd floor joined in, she liked it from be-hindt! Next thing I knew the meeting was over..."

Larry: "wow that was the most boring class ever"
Jason: "not for me, I used sexualization. That red-haired girl beside me is now named cinnamon, and she should probably brush her teeth after what just went down"
by Fattroll April 12, 2017
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