Guy 1: whenever I see a balloon, I think of my girls-
Guy 2: you need to get a grip! you always sexualize things!

by 668 August 13, 2008
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To use all the aspects of sexual stimulation one has, to bring a person to sexual gratification.
It would bring me great pleasure to sexualize you.
by Buggieone July 17, 2009
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the majority of Urban Dictionary's definitions
Every time I've looked up food phrases on Urban Dictionary, they've all had sexual definitions.
by Karen Stickney December 09, 2006
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There are many sexualities.
Some are:


When you are attracted to the opposite gender.

When you are attracted to the same gender. Lesbian refers to a homosexual woman, while gay can refer to both gender binaries.

When you are attracted to 2 genders, most commonly both men and women.

When your attraction is regardless of someone’s gender. Such as transgender, non binary, etc...

When don’t experience any sexual attraction.

These are all real sexualities. People who say that pansexual is just another word for bisexual or that if you’re asexual you’re just a late bloomer are just plain wrong. That’s like saying the sun isn’t real.
Guy 1: look at that smoking hot chick over there. I’d totally bang her.
Guy 2: so you’re attracted to women?
Guy 1: yeah. I’m heterosexual

Girl 1: I met this really cute girl last night...
Girl 1: I ended up going home with her.
Girl 2: oh? So you’re a lesbian?
Girl 1: yeah. A homosexual


Girl: I can’t choose between this guy and girl! I really like them both.
Guy: I thought you were only into men?
Girl: no, I’m bisexual


Girl: there’s this really cute non binary person that I’m dating.
Guy: that makes you pansexual.

Person: I’m asexual so whenever I go to orgies I just sit in the back with my clothes on eating Oreos.
by beige24 February 10, 2020
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sexuality is just one of those things you are born with, you do not choose it, its just part of who you are, whether you be physically, emotionally & sexually attracted to males, females, or even both.
only you can truly know your sexuality becuase no-one can feel the things you feel except yourself.
some people think that if you are anything except heterosexual then you are abnormal or have a disease, but this is not so, people should except you for your sexuality whether that be heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual

the people who dont accept homosexual, bisexul or transgendered people are just afraid of change.
my sexuality is bisexual, and im not afraid to admit it
by bi the way August 11, 2006
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Sexuality is the sexual feelings or emotions (or lack there of) towards other people
Heterosexual,homosexual ,bisexual, lithsexual,pansexual ,auto-sexual ,asexual , demisexual ,skoliksexual are all different sexual orientations/ a persons sexuality
by pretty pansexual November 27, 2015
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A shortened version of the phrase 'sexual relations'.

Sexuals are best enjoyed with lots of mutual oral foreplay (69ing or 'your turn/my turn'), followed by animalistic intercourse, including some spanking and hair pulling. Also, it is a good idea to go back to a little more oral sex between sexual position changes.
(on phone) Sontia: Wanna come over for some sexuals?

Tony: Yes please!


by t_doffing July 18, 2009
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