a message one receives during a sexting session (sex via text message) like phone sex
Robert Blanco to Mike Alejandro: "You came after one sext message???!!!!"

Kevin Finnegan: "ahahahahahha OMFGBBQ!"
by ROBEEERRRTTT September 14, 2009
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when u recieve a text message that contains a sexual picture
i got a boner when i recieved a sext message from sarah
by awesomnessguy May 11, 2010
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A last resort when your luck has run out at the club, and you have no other chance for action. You instantly scroll through your phone's contact list and look for the hottest female friends you have. You send a message that notes You, Me, who's place thus initiating action with a Sext Message
Justin: Yo man its closing time and we got nothin', any plans to take someone down after this?

Chase: Fuck there's nothing here....hold on....I'm gonna Sext Message Nicole, Novi, and the Rat.....see who's DTF.
by Bawsss October 28, 2008
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to express one's dirty little thoughts in text messages.
R U cumming over? I can't, so let's sext message instead.
by The Siren April 19, 2008
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Noun: A message directly involving the hopes of sex or commenting on past sexual encounters. SextPanther.com
this is a sext message "what's up tonight? id' love to fuck start your head..."
by sextpanther.com November 27, 2009
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After receiving a sext message, John left the party early for some action across town.
by M Elizabeth April 02, 2007
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A text message recieved during the act of turning your phone on vibrate and placing it between your legs while driving.
OMG, I just got a sext message from Nic!! and it was gooood. Hot damn I'm horny
by Pseudomania August 01, 2008
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