Generally cool dude
Good at shit but don't brag
Kind of a nerd sometimes ( most of the time)

Never says yes or no just 'sure'
got a big family
"I wish I was a Finnegan"
"Me too he's so cool"
by yodacoolone96 December 21, 2017
An absolute unit of a man women and men look at him and think "Jesus Christ he's hot" he is a sex god and he will always be a model of a perfect human
Person one "Jesus I want to be just like him"
Person two "maybe one day you can be like Finnegan"
by xxXdragonLord69Xxx December 26, 2022
Seems like a normal name until you get to know finnegan. Great person on the outside, terrible on the inside. Name not even suitable for a dog.
Did you hear he named his dog finnegan?

Wow thats a terrible name.
by XboxPcManTheThird January 31, 2021
A massive knob with stupid black hair and like half-abs that he wants to show off to somebody like some kind of narcissist. Also goes shirtless into cathedrals.
Finnegan: Hi, My name's Finnegan
Everyone in the world: Fuck off Finnegan
by Gregely September 7, 2019
A really sweet and kind friend, Finnegan is one of the best people you'll ever meet. He'll doubt that he's a good person, but you'll always know he's awesome.
Person A: "Hey, are you doing alright?"
Person B: "Yeah, I'm doing better thanks to Finnegan who helped me."
by SparklySnapjack August 24, 2020
Just all what the top definition says but adding the handsomeness, delicate (and clever) talk and the enormous facility to love. They've just hurt Finney so much, give him some headpats.
Ah, Finney's just my favourite boy. Get away from him, bitches. Finnegan my beloved.
by Zelleeeeeeee September 7, 2021