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an all day long concert consisting of 50+ amazing bands, sweating, moshing & crowd surfing. honestly? nothing could be better.
- So how was warped tour?

- Awesome: I got kicked, punched, landed on. You know ..

- And that was fun?

by Kate S August 15, 2005
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eight hours of pure awesomeness radiating from on one of the 5 stages occupied by incredible bands.
kid 1: dude where'd ya get that awesome teeshirt, meet taking back sunday, hookup with some hott girl, mosh, crowd surf, eat shitty food & sweat!?

kid 2: warped tour man. c'mon.
by kelsey March 05, 2005
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An amazing concert where you can see lot's of great music and meet cool people. It's basically an all day sweat fest. Go to Warped and it will be your best day ever guaranteed.
Warped Tour is amazing. All you narrow minded people who think hard core punk is the only kind of music in the world need to put up or shut up. Cuz there is lot's of great music at Warped every year.
by speshul k July 30, 2007
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Warped Tour is an outdoor festival where people go to listen to punk, alternative, emo, hardcore, screamo, ska, etc. music. IT IS NOT AN EMO FEST!!! Its a place where you can go hang out with your friends all day and listen to cool music and HAVE FUN, not slit your wrists and cry.
Mat: How was warped tour this year?

Ellie: Great! I got a sunburn, crowdsurfed, saw someone get punched in the face in the pit, and I met all of my favorite bands!
by EllieOH5 July 14, 2008
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a wonderous expirience for those who love punk music and all else affiliated with it. (If ya don't like it, fuck off) where a punk rocker can be one with the rest of the crowd to form a gathering.
-dude you went to warped tour?

-yeah, it was like a religious expirience
by maddy October 23, 2004
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awesome concert including many bands. no place for aril or kelly osbourne wannabes
by hi June 21, 2003
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