an all day long concert consisting of 50+ amazing bands, sweating, moshing & crowd surfing. honestly? nothing could be better.
- So how was warped tour?

- Awesome: I got kicked, punched, landed on. You know ..

- And that was fun?

by Kate S August 15, 2005
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eight hours of pure awesomeness radiating from on one of the 5 stages occupied by incredible bands.
kid 1: dude where'd ya get that awesome teeshirt, meet taking back sunday, hookup with some hott girl, mosh, crowd surf, eat shitty food & sweat!?

kid 2: warped tour man. c'mon.
by kelsey March 6, 2005
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a wonderous expirience for those who love punk music and all else affiliated with it. (If ya don't like it, fuck off) where a punk rocker can be one with the rest of the crowd to form a gathering.
-dude you went to warped tour?

-yeah, it was like a religious expirience
by maddy October 24, 2004
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it was simply amazing this year, as i was introduced to many kickass bands that i had seen on go to that site if you want to see the best bands out there that arent sellouts yet
top 10 bands: Straylight Run (10), The Early November, Green Day, Autopilot Off, Matchbook Romance, My Chemical Romance, Senses Fail, Underoath, Streetlight Manifesto, Taking Back Sunday (1)
by mychemromance008 January 6, 2005
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Tour started in 1995 as an answer to the commercialization of Lollapalooza. Now, just an excuse to mass market punk rock as a fashion trend to adolescents.
The warped toour lineup has gotten progressively worse each summer.
by sean April 23, 2005
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Started as a huge punk festival and as a fuck-you to Lollapalooza and Woodstock, but over the years it has devolved further and further into one colossal shit-fest, with Bad Religion and a couple other bands here and there as the sole redeeming value. Sure, the place is practically swimming with hot chicks, but are a couple random scene chicks worth blowing a bunch of money on something this bad? Think about it.
It's kind of sad to see a band as legendary as Bad Religion surrounded by such vast amounts of pure fail, especially when you consider what the Warped Tour once was.
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