1. The highest order of the hierarchy of angels. They are said to be the caretakers of God's throne. pictured to have 6 wings, or 3 sets of 2 wings

2. The guardian of the Oracle in the Matrix Trilogy. He is refered to as "Wingless" and he states that his job is to "protect that which matters most".
1. oh wow SIX wings?!

2. Dude, did you just see Seraph own that guy?
by teh_Mirari March 5, 2008
Highest rank on the first sphere of the Hierarchy of Angels. In other words, the highest ranking angel. But this one has 6 wings, as opposed to the normal 2.
Go find a pic of it on Google or somethin'.
by Soopafly April 16, 2005
a spamming nutter from the steam powered forums
by bob April 4, 2005
to be of angelic beauty
Christina Han is seraphic. She is the cutest girl in the world
by Nick~ March 17, 2005
A heavenly being having three pairs of wings.
Also, the first of the nine orders of angels in medieval angelology.
Wow, look at that Seraph, its three pairs of wings are absolutely amazing!
by Meredith January 14, 2004
A melancholy Angelic Being known for massive slaughter and amusement. Wields a legendary Zweihander named 'The Hand of Lord Aaron'. Excellent lover.
Seraph is t3|-| |_33Yz()12!!1111!
by Max August 12, 2003