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Someone who has a habit or tendency to compare people or things.
She seems a comparo-meter to me as she always compares you with her past boyfriends.
by Zami Karzai August 10, 2018
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To be irritated too much by someone's talkativeness.
My ears feel like burning whenever I talk to her - she talks until you are blue in the face.
by Zami Karzai August 25, 2018
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To achieve the standard that you are capable of
The teacher’s job is to help you reach your full potential.

Be proud of your progress and keep taking steps forward no matter how small, you'll eventually reach your full potential and you'll look back on the days you thought you'd never make it and you'll smile and be proud that you never gave up on yourself!

Synonym: Realize your full potential
by Zami Karzai September 13, 2018
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If you overshoot your goal you achieve more than the goal you assigned to yourself.
If you want to overshoot your goal stop getting complacent!

You must overshoot your English goals to achieve them.
by Zami Karzai August 15, 2018
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To make two people or groups oppose each other so that you can gain/get an advantage from the situation.
Politicians often play both ends against the middle by bringing up religion into the politics.

Synonyms: Work both ends/sides against the middle.
by Zami Karzai September 2, 2018
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used to tell someone that they will have to take full responsibility for what they plan to do
I am telling you, don't get married to her, she is a control freak but if you do then, on your own head be it!

If you want to quit a high-paying job to chase after some fantasy of being a travel writer, then on your own head be it!
by Zami Karzai September 13, 2018
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