24 definitions by Zami Karzai


To consider or work on something without enthusiasm or effort
Don't just toy with the idea of becoming an actor and take it half-hearted, if you really want to be an actor, work for it!
by Zami Karzai September 14, 2018
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If you overshoot your goal you achieve more than the goal you assigned to yourself.
If you want to overshoot your goal stop getting complacent!

You must overshoot your English goals to achieve them.
by Zami Karzai August 15, 2018
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To use your smart-phone for gaming, browsing, chatting etc....
Smart-phoning in the dark at night is a visual suicide for your eyes.
by Zami Karzai September 6, 2018
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It is used to distinguish between two possible senses of a word or phrase.
I wouldn't describe myself as black in the sense that I do not actually have black-coloured skin - it is brown.
by Zami Karzai September 9, 2018
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to be finally selected
For every music album, song-writer writes many more songs out of which 12 or 15 are selected for the release, the rest that don't make the final cut are released in the Deluxe version of the album later on.
by Zami Karzai September 22, 2018
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It is used to to talk about something that changes slowly, until it finally turns into something else.

At first I was nervous, but as time went on I got more and more comfortable, to the point that now I actually enjoy it.

His behavior has gotten worse and worse, to the point that now we're thinking about pulling him out of regular school and sending him to a special school for kids with behavior problems
by Zami Karzai August 15, 2018
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