people who always behave sensibly and in a dignified manner, without ompses (see ompse)
people who know when to stop drinking
by Jenny Smith October 3, 2003
the opposite of karate chopping and kicking cheese at 3am
Rob was being sensible when he only had one wine cooler at the party.
by Crackhead Mike and Linda December 12, 2009
One's own ability to react/respond to the artistic style of another.
The artist told me "I respect Tarentino's work and talent, but it's not my sensibility." (actual conversation quote from New York artist Chivas Clem of Maccarone Gallery.)
by Researcher135 March 30, 2017
Under achieving badger
by Anonymous March 17, 2003
Caveat. See it? Right there. That's what he does. "Sensible" 👈 That is what a caveat looks like.

Hym "Look at the qualitative adjective usage of the word 'sensible' to create a quasi-(if not true) No True Scotsman fallacy. That's you trying to fit everything into your little 'Competence' box. 'Competence' is YOUR highest value and you are just projecting that onto women. I am good and good people value competence above all else. Women are good (unilaterally somehow 🤔) and, therefore, must also value competence above all else.
Jeffrey Bezo, Elon Musk, Bill Gates they're objective competence doesn't prevent their relationships from failing and the women who care about ability to generate resources aren't around long enough for them to need to accrue more resources than they already have. Nor were they able to gauge their competence BEFORE they had become wealthy NOR are they the highest calibur of women that a man could hope to aquire. Accept for Amber Heard. Who also happens to be crazy and abusive and fucks literally everything that walks. This applies to Hollywood actors, ect... Their ability to continue to make money isn't why Pete Davidson is attractive to Ariana Grande. You lay all responsibly for the world's ills at the feet of men to protect women from... Also men. You've gone so far past 'White knighting' it is surreal. It's wild to me that the Red pill community lauds you as a saint when, in reality, you're just taking 'White knighting' to it's logical extreme. You're 'White Savioring.' (Not to be confused with 'White savior complex' which is a white person who stands up for the rights of black people).... You know what? We have to call it something else.... Hmm... Let's call it 'White kinging.' Hmmm... I don't like that either 'White Generaling?' Yeah, that's better because in Fire Emblem the Knight turn into Generals as they level up into their next class. 'White Generaling.' 'Sensible' Women? Pfft!
by Hym Iam August 11, 2022
1) A leftist simp with an ironic name.

2) A Democratic mouthpiece who often spins any negative situations to favor the left a la Jennifer Psaki.
Sensible Patriot should change his name to something more fitting considering how unfitting it has gotten as time went by, even for him.
by Idiot-Finder2 August 29, 2021