A low-content, not-so-intense alcoholic drink, usually flavored as a fruit drink.

Wine coolers are frequently had with meals and such to consume alcohol, yet not get much of a buzz off it.

They are also considered a pussy alcoholic beverage when someone attempts to get drunk entirely off of wine coolers.
"I needed something to ease my mind without getting drunk, so I had a wine cooler with dinner."
by Lahr November 14, 2006
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A unhardcore way to drink, a sugarcoated version of malt liquor
Yum, pass that red wine cooler
by polska nikki~ May 16, 2005
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A sissy drink. Something sissys think is cool.
Carl the chode drinks wine coolers cuz hes a fuckin sissy.
by cartman5000 July 21, 2004
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An alcoholic beverage made by mixing cheap red wine and orange soda. Usually Carlo Rossi Burgundy wine. Originated in Franklin, Massachusetts.
"Hey kid, swing by Anne's Market and grab some wine and orange soda. Franklin wine coolers tonight!"
by Abar42 July 7, 2015
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When a man pees inside a woman's pussy. This sex act is said to have originated in Cloverdale, Alabama. It is the ugly step-cousin to a golden shower.
Karen said Bryan pulled out his giant penis on their first date, proceeded to pee in her pussy, then hollered "Ooh wee!! Damn straight if I didn't just pour myself an Alabama wine cooler!!".
by Pollyesther70 September 3, 2019
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